About Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is a natural form of ancient Chinese Medicine by insertion of needles to skin on specific points ( called acupuncture points or acupoints)  to promotes the natural self-healing process and improves the body’s functions. Besides using fine, sterile needles, other acupoint stimulation techniques include: massage, moxibustion, cupping, and the application of topical herbal medicines. 

How does acupuncture woks?

Acupuncture dates back 4000 years ago. According to traditional Chinese medical theory, all the body parts and internal organs are connected by the special pathway which is called Channel or Meridians. Qi (energy force, pronounced chee) and Blood  flows through these channels. There are 14 major meridians in the human body, 12 of which are dominated by the major organs.  Each of these links energy points across the whole body, which are all related.  The body stays healthy when its Qi and blood are abundant and flowing smoothly.  However, if the flow of energy gets blocked or weak, the disruption can lead to pain, lack of function, or illness. 

Acupuncture therapy can release blocked Qi in the body and stimulate function, evoking the body’s natural healing response through various physiological systems. Modern research has demonstrated acupuncture’s effects on the nervous system, endocrine and immune systems, cardiovascular system, and digestive system. By stimulating the body’s various systems, acupuncture can help to resolve pain, and improve sleep, digestive function, and sense of well-being.

condition treated

What can acupuncture treat ?

  • For a wide range of health issues and discomfort
  • For increase energy and improve immune system

Hundreds of clinical studies on the benefits of acupuncture show that it successfully treats wide range of conditions. The National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization recognize acupuncture as an effective treatment for about four dozen common health issues. 

Acute & Chronic Pain        

Headache, Facial Pain, TMJ, Neck/Shoulder pain or Stiff, Knee, Elbow, Carpal tunnel, Back pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Joint Pain, sports injury, Muscle Spasm, Gout

Respiratory Disorder        

Cold/Flu, Seasonal Allergies, Chronic Cough, Sinus, Post nasal drip, Tonsillitis, Bronchial Asthma 


Hypertension, Hypotension, Palpitation, Heart surgery recovery  


Stomach  Pain, Indigestion/bloating, Reflux/ Heart burn, Nausea & vomiting , IBS, Constipation/ Diarrhea, Chronic Ulcerative /Colitis, Hiccups

Mental Health

 Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Insomnia  


Bell’s Palsy, Peripheral neuropathy, Singles, Meniere's Syndrome, Trigeminal Neuralgia 


Menstrual health,Fertility, Menopause, Enlarged Prostate

Immunity Autoimmune disease

Infection, Poor immune system, UTI 


Quiet Smoking, Addiction, Cancer treatment side effects, diabetes

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About Chinese Herbal Medicine

chinese herbs

Herbal therapy is important in traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used for about two thousands years in China, where herbs are considered fundamental therapy for many acute and chronic conditions. Like acupuncture, Chinese herbs can address unhealthy body patterns that manifest in a variety of symptoms and complaints. The aims of Chinese herbal therapy are to help you regain balance in your body and to strengthen your body’s resistance to disease.

Chinese herbal medicines are mainly plant based, but some preparations include minerals or animal products. They can be packaged as powders, pastes, lotions or tablets, depending on the herb and its intended use.  Of the approximately five thousands Chinese herbs that are in use today, four hundreds or so are very commonly used. 

Do you prescribing single herb or concoction of herbs?

Different herbs have different properties and can balance particular parts of the body. Prescribing a particular herb or concoction of herbs means the practitioner’s diagnosis has to take into account the state of the patient’s Yin and Yang, and the elements that are governing the affected organs.

Rather than being prescribed individually, single herbs are combined into formulas that are designed to adapt to the specific needs of individual patients. 

Are Chinese Herbs safe?

Chinese herbs are effective and safe when prescribed by a well-trained herbal practitioner. We only purchase our herbs from highly reputable suppliers who adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). GMPs are guidelines that govern the manufacturing process of a product to ensure that the quality and safety of the product is consistent. Herbs can act on the body as powerfully as pharmaceutical drugs and should be treated with the same caution and respect.

Other Chinese Treatment Methods

Cupping treatment for relax muscle and improve immune system


Cupping is a method of applying suction and acupressure by creating a vacuum on the patient's skin. The therapy is used to dispel stagnation—stagnant blood and lymph, thereby improving "chi" flow—to treat internal medical diseases . Cupping also is used on back, neck, shoulder and other musculoskeletal conditions. This ancient therapy tech is used widely in Asian, European and Middle- East culture.

gua sha scrapping help unblock channels and release pain, also great for common cold headache

Gua Sha

GuaSha( scrapping) is an ancient healing therapeutic practice which began in China centuries ago. In Chinese,"gua" means rub or scrape, and "Sha" is 'reddish, millet-like skin rash' (aka petechiae). Sha is a term used to describe blood stasis in the subcutaneous tissue. When practitioner uses a piece of smooth stone, jade, or horn to scrap the skin with  moderate strokes,  the Sha will surfaces on the skin as small red petechiae. In this way, GuaSha can release the deep toxin and unblock the obstruction of circulation. GuaSha Therapy is not only used for the healing, but also used for the beauty, diet, relaxation.

warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body, dispel certain pathogenic influences, strength in our immune systems, help prevent disease.


Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy in which dried plant materials called "moxa" are applied to Acupuncture points, as needles are. The intention is to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body, dispel certain pathogenic influences, strength in our immune systems, help prevent disease.

Moxa is usually made from the dried leafy material of Chinese mugwort (Artemesia argyi or A.vlugaris) or mix with other herbs.